Created from the chaos in 24th December 1939. The day of baby Jesus and the year of pain. She is the madness, darkness and nonsense. When she began to exist the world changed forever.

She is the Garbage Queen and she is looking for her garbage boys and garbage girls. Come, come here…

Come for the chaos effect.

Garbage Queen was born and raised in Poland, and has since moved to United Kingdom in 2015.  Garbage Queen fell deeply in love with music when as a child she was watching her Mother rehearsing for her own recitals. She is a classically trained violinist, piano player, vocalist and songwriter.


What to say about the enigma that is Garbage Queen? She channels Dietrich and Amanda Palmer, but all silver-sprinkled in glitter and popping rainbow soap bubbles. The Garbage Queen demands and deserves loyal subjects. Kneel, listen and love.

Julianne Regan – All about Eve


“Garbage Queen’s music reminds you of the days of the 1970’s punk movement when bands would make a statement from the very first beat”
Off The Hook Music


'Edgy music which perfectly captures the beauty of expression and creativity "
The Music Flow




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